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Monday, May 31, 2010

Movie Review: Super Mario Bros (1993)

Genre: Comedy
Year: 1993
My Rating: thumb_up
In light of the recent news of Dennis Hoppers death I've decided to review the only movie I own that he stars in: Super Mario Bros

"Super Mario Bros." is a cheesey yet fun fantasy/sci-fi movie based on the original NES game. It got low reviews on IMDB but that doesn't reflect Dennis Hopper's great acting as he portrays King Koopa in this fun, refrence-driven comedy. Mind you, some die-hard fans are headvily disappointed by this film because it doesn't completly follow the cannon storyline of the original games.

But I still think this movie is bashed unjustly. Yes, the movie is not like the game, but it is a dark yet fun reinterpretation/revisioning of the game. The special effects are great, reminencent of cheesy sci-fi movies

Bob Hoskins (as Mario) and John Leguizamo (as Luigi) have great chemistry on screen, even if they don't look like brothers. But Dennis Hopper's performance as the styreotypically evil and ruthless King Koopa is definatly what makes this worth the watch.

And while your at the video store renting this, you can also pick up Hopper's other great performances in Rebel Without A Cause and Easy Rider.

Have you seen Mario Bros? Tell me your opinion of it by leaving a comment below.

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