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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Iron Man Anime?!

I really surprised when I found this on YouTube. Apparently there is going to be an Iron Man anime, although whether or not it follows the comic or movieverse or if its is own storyline I can't tell. But I hope the series will be just as good as the trailer. I've read some negativity from some who have already seen the Japanese version. Apparently there will be an English dub version that will premiere on the G4 network. I'm a little disappointed because I prefer English subs to dubs, but I'm sure that'll come along eventually.

But I can see where some of the negativity is steaming from. See the difference between the trailer and the actual opening to the show. There is defiantly a quality difference. It looks like they put more work into the trailer than the actual series (I hate when they do that!).

But what shocks me about this is this is behavior I expect from an American-made animation, not a Japanese anime (I expect better from them). But then again this is an anime adaptation of an American comic book and movies. I hope America isn't having that much of an influence on them 8o.

Needless to say it still looks cool and I can't wait to see it, dubbed or subbed.

But does anybody else get a Gundum-like feeling when watching the trailer, or is it just me?

What do you think of an Iron Man Anime? Or even Japanese Anime adaptation of American cartoons? Comment about it.

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