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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Disney Rip-Off

Okay, this either really funny, or really sad, I can't decide which.

Thai Version of 'Beauty and the Beast' Rips Off the Disney Classic

Brought to you by the animators of Thailand (who btw happen to make pretty good canned sardines ^_^), comes a pretty crappy scene-by-scene CGI remake of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. Just watch the trailer, it's identical to the original Disney film, they didn't even bother to vary the character designs (save for the candle-stick the teapot). They even had the audacity to make the opening logo identical to the Disney castle.

However, it is true that Disney doesn't technically own the rights to the original story of Beauty and the Beast since it's an adaptation of an very old fairy tale, but they do own the rights to the their version of the story.

But I can't say that Disney didn't have this coming to them. I'm sure not many of you know that Disney ripped off their idea for the Lion King from a Japanese show called "Kimba- The White Lion" (link). At least Disney had the dignity to change the art style and rename/recast some of the characters.

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