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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dude, Where's My TV? NewsCorp vs Cablevision

Normally I love a good conflict; the pain, the passion, the drama; but not when I'm caught in the middle.Smiley

I'm sure some of you are aware of the war going on between Cablevision and NewsCorp, who owns channels Fox and My9. NewsCorp wants over 150 million dollars from Cablevision to provide its channels to them. When Cablevision refused and offered to pay them a more fair and reasonable amount of money, NewsCorp not only pulled the plug on the channels, they even blocked Cablevision customers from viewing their free online programming!

Now, neither companies are angels, but I'm afraid I'm going to side with Cablevision in this fight, mainly because of they are the lesser of the two evils.

Let’s look at NewsCorps situation:

• They own two major channels.
• The two said channels are available to watch for FREE over the air.
• The two said FREE channels provided because NewsCorp has a FREE license from the government.
• They already receive over 70 MILLION dollars from Cablevision, and are now asking for a morbidly-obese amount of money without adding any new channels or improved programming

It seems to me that NewsCorp is acting like a schoolyard bully demanding Cablevision's lunch money. I urge Cablevision to not give into NewsCorps outrageous demands. This whole situation isn't fair to the consumers, who are already paying for a free station to begin with, and are going to dish out more because of NewsCorp's greed.

And this is especially unfair to me because I'm going to miss Fringe!!Smiley Why can't Fringe be on a more sensible station, like NBC, they never pick fights with anybody (suddenly remembers the Jay Leno/ Conan O'Brian feud) Oops, bad example Smiley

Okay, the bottom line is: Cablevision, you got to stand up to Newscorp. You never back down from a bully, even if you walk away with a black eye, at least your pride (and your customers' wallets) will be in tact.

Say NO to NewsCorp and put Fox and My9 back on the air!

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