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Friday, September 17, 2010

Judging American Idol

American Idol, one of the most iconic shows ever created. It was a star-maker and pop culture generator. It had everything: comedy, drama, suspense, and Simon. But once a fourth judge was added (I wonder whose bright idea that was Smiley), American Idol has gone down a downward spiral of mediocrity, bad choices, and god-awful here-today-gone-tomorrow contestants (but that might be the show's fault, maybe America's just running out of talent Smiley).

It seems the show has reached the end of the line, and with the Judges disappearing one by one, its only dying a slow, painful death.Smiley

My personal opinion, in order to save whatever dignity the show has left, they should start over fresh. Go back to the 3-panel style of judging and stick to a formula that works. Look at America's Got Talent. It’s stayed popular for so long because it sticks to a formula that works, and the changes that are made to the show (example: a replacement judge) are ones that work and don't disrupt the perfect formula.

As far as choosing one of the new judges, I nominate Steve Tyler. He'd be the perfect replacement for Paula Abdul, for a number of obvious reasons Smiley

What do you think of the new judges? Comment about it!

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